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It’s our business to get the real measure of you.

As a successful HR professional, you are dedicated to the development of others. Ironically, this often means that you are too busy to concentrate on developing your own career prospects and network. Dedicating time and expertise, we will advise you on your career options to ensure you are well positioned in the current marketplace. Honest feedback gives you the best opportunity of securing the right role. We will tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear.

Our candidates become our clients. Even when we don’t place them, candidates have such a positive experience with us that they award us their business. As a result, our client base grows organically across all industries and sectors. The unrivalled experience we offer our candidates results in future opportunities which are exclusive to us and therefore exclusive to you.

We take great care in evaluating candidates before we introduce them to our clients. After an initial phone call, we’d like to meet you for a comprehensive (but relaxed!) conversation to discuss your options. We want to challenge you and know your opinion; not just ask benign questions about why you left your last job.

We want to find the best candidates for our clients, and that involves presenting people they would expect, and those they might not have considered. HR skills are only half the story; we want to know how you like to work, whether you will suit the dynamic of an HR team, and if the culture fits. By getting to know what makes you tick, we can assess which company is right for you.

Candidate Testimonials

Tucker Stone took the time to help advise me through the latest step in my career. It’s a relationship that goes back a long way. I know first-hand how well they treat candidates and how on top of the HR Talent marketplace they are. I’ll be in touch as a client again in the future I’m sure.

I found Tucker Stone to be knowledgeable in his market area, trustworthy, with a good network of contacts. They provided me with constructive advice, and I continue to value their honesty. I would recommend Tucker Stone to candidates and also to clients looking to find someone who will go the extra mile to find them the ‘right’ person, not just ‘a’ person! I look forward to working with Tucker Stone in the future.

Tucker Stone provided me with dedicated support in securing an interim role. They acted as an excellent intermediary between myself and the Client, and I would like to provide Tucker Stone with credit for their highly efficient and effective relationship skills. Tucker Stone have been a complete pleasure to work with.

Tucker Stone are highly engaging, appropriately challenging and knowledgeable. Their ability to quickly and effectively understand my background, strengths and my aspirations was a refreshing change. Tucker Stone’s understanding of their Clients and roles we discussed was at all times accurate and insightful.

To say that Tucker Stone are professional is an understatement as they continue to exceed my expectations. Tucker Stone are knowledgeable, proactive, friendly and above all, dependable. I look forward to working with Tucker Stone for years to come, either as a candidate or as a Client.

Tucker Stone’s verve, ability to think laterally on sources of talent, and confidence in promoting candidates who may not always be an obvious fit (but are often a better fit than the obvious!) differentiate them. Highly intellectual and a great team to work with!

Tucker Stone are a dedicated Executive Search Consultancy that work exceptionally hard for both their candidates and clients. They are great networkers and Tucker Stone’s strength lies in their ability to build valuable, lasting relationships.

My experience with Tucker Stone was top notch. I truly felt supported from the very start. The team was engaging and thoughtful and provide extremely valuable guidance and advice throughout my candidacy. The specialised approach and customised partnership was one-of-a-kind. I’ve worked with other executive search firms in the past, but Tucker Stone is, by far, the best.

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