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The Future of Work

Blacklight Advisory is a specialist advisory team helping leaders of organisations diagnose complex problems and resolve them with material outcomes. They specialise  in strategy, change, leadership and culture. Their focus is on uncovering what goes on in organisations; often by shining a light on what is unconscious and hidden. Their clients are leaders focused on issues of disruption, transition and in creating a growth mindset.

Dr. Ajit Menon (Partner and Co-founder) is a consultant, coach and organisational psychologist. He specialises in organisational culture, leadership and organisation development. He is a process expert adept at working with groups experiencing transition. He is also an experienced organisation development expert with extensive knowledge in revealing insights into complex organisational problems and in the running of creative design processes. His book, ‘What lies beneath, How organisations really work’ describes the often unseen dynamics  of organisational life.

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