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Please don’t blindfold your recruiters!

The role of the HR Recruitment Consultant is to provide clarity and commercially-focused advice to candidates and clients. The recruiter becomes a partner to the client organisation and provides meaningful insight to all parties at every stage. However, if we don’t see the whole picture, we cannot add any value. Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of your recruitment partner:

1) Clients, please clarify your briefs: We were once briefed on a Head of OD which then became a Head of Reward! Of course, flexibility is essential, but changing the vacancy brief halfway through a search leads to awkward conversations and can slow down processes.

2) Candidates, tell the whole truth: Don’t tell us you need to work from home 2 days a week right before your final stage. A recruitment consultant can only effectively represent you based on what they know about a candidate – why risk receiving misguided advice or being put forward for a role that you are not right for?

3) Everyone, provide detailed feedback: Candidates will then understand how they performed, why it was a success or not, and how they can avoid making the same mistakes twice. Recruitment consultants will be able to adjust search criteria, adapt recruitment methods, effectively prepare candidates for the recruitment process and ensure a positive experience on all sides. Clients – it will result in a successful hire more quickly. ‘Wrong culture fit’ is simply not enough of an explanation.

4) Free up your diaries for interviews: Demonstrate your desire to hire or to find a new job and ensure nobody is missing out on exciting opportunities. A good game is a quick game – a 1month gap between interviews is not acceptable!

5) And above all, everyone, keep in touch with your HR Recruitment Consultant:we’re here to facilitate communication and advise at all times – we can only support you if we are seeing the full picture.

Do you feel blindfolded as a candidate?
Do you feel like your recruitment partners provide insight and clarity?
Do you trust your recruitment partner to communicate with your candidate/prospective employer on your behalf?

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