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More moves than John Travolta?

Are you stuck in a role that was mis-sold? Are you miserable in your job but have only been there a short time? Are you worried about too many moves on your CV? Should you ever leave a permanent job after only 6 months?

Now that’s a question to ask your recruitment consultant.

I recently had a phone call from one of my top HR candidates who told me she had made a mistake and had taken a permanent role at a large technology business 3 months ago that she now regretted. The role had been over-cooked, she didn’t feel it was progressing the way she wanted and she didn’t get along with her manager – but she was extremely worried prospective employers would judge her based on a short stint in a perm role. Should she stick it out for a year?

We also often speak to clients who are weary of candidates with slightly jumpy CVs and who doubt and sometimes immediately-reject candidates who they feel are ‘not reliable’, ‘easily bored’ or have invalid reasons for leaving their current role. And they make these assumptions without even speaking to them!

In my experience, great HR professionals sometimes accept roles that are not right for them. You only truly understand and get to grips with a business once you join. Usually this works out, but other times there are irreconcilable factors that mean you should leave. From my conversations with colleagues, candidates and clients alike, it’s always worse to stick to a role that isn’t right than it is to do something about it and move on. Under the right circumstances, an early move is a good idea. It’s brave, not naïve, to mould your career and lead it down the path you prefer and to ensure you are gaining the skills .

However be careful not to do this too many times. There’s a fine line between making a few mistakes and being flaky.

Have you ever been stuck in a job you dislike and have been worried about how leaving would look on your CV? As a client, how many moves are too many moves for a CV? The conundrum continues…

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