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Mind The Gap…between salary and expectations

We often speak to brilliant and ambitious HR professionals at the £40k level who are looking for a step up in their career, a new role where they can be more strategic, client-facing, perhaps manage a small team and proactively contribute to a business’ people approach. They usually have about 5 years’ experience and are looking for a chance to catapult their career.

We often speak to clients who are looking to recruit HR roles paying c. £40k, but they demand a much more finished package; the candidates they seek are already strategic, have dealt with escalated ER cases and complex HR projects, have experience liaising with stubborn line managers and senior stakeholders and require less training and minimal supervision. Wouldn’t that be nice.

This expectation gap leads to recruitment nightmares. Companies need to make a decision about whether they are going to recruit bright high potentials who will develop and grow into a role, or whether they are willing to pay an extra £10k for additional experience.

Is there an expectation gap at the £40 – £50k level? How have you found recruiting these folk? Or, are you aiming for a £40k role and being asked to do the impossible?

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